Welcome to the Webapp Builders group!

We meet every Wednesday from 7pm - 9pm, in Glendale (Eastside Los Angeles, CA). Please see our Meetup.com WebApp-Builders page for more details. Our goal is to become ever stronger full-stack developers, tying our backend skills with the latest front-end frameworks. This is a general outline of what happens each week:

  • First Wednesday of the month - Front-end focused (ReactJS, VueJS, electron, etc)
  • Second Wednesday of the month - PHP focused (currently learning Laravel)
  • Third Wednesday of the month - DevOps focused (currently learning Docker)
  • Fourth (and Fifth if applicable) wednesdays of the month - Show off your projects.

Additionally, we are currently learning VueJS together as a group meeting every Wednesday from 6pm - 7pm in Glendale (same day, same location, just one hour prior to the meetup).

We would love your participation!